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composition /100%wool

colour /cream

made in /China

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Antwerp-born Stéphanie Caulier loved knitting when growing up.
After stumbling upon a knitting café whilst visiting New York in 2007, she was inspired to launch her own brand.
Without a name, her first offering of chunky knits stands out from prevalent trends because of its innovative use of the reverse purl stitch, a technique that is now, over ten years later, and Mr Mittens signature.
She names her project Mr Mittens, its quirky name drawing on a beloved old children’s tale and its mischievous protagonist, a cat called Mr Mittens.
In only a few seasons’ time, Stéphanie Caulier watches Mr Mittens grow from passion project into an internationally esteemed knitwear label.
I love Mr Mittens, from 2020 as “Mr Mittens”, stands for high-quality, sustainable knitwear.
Every garment label is inscribed with the phrase ‘Heartworking knitwear’, a testament to the women in the ateliers who work in tandem to bring to life Caulier’s vision of how knitwear should be, perennially contemporary, deceptively simple, timelessly elegant and last of all, of the highest quality.