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"At MASKA we want everyone to discover the beauty and allure of exquisite yarns, fabrics and refined detailing that we love so much ourselves. We make the clothes we have always dreamed of wearing. "MASKA, meaining "knitted stitch in Swedish", believes that creating great garments with a long life is about a deep understanding for the materials and selecting the right yarn and fabric for every design. Natural fibres such as cashmere, silk, organic cotton, merino wool, linen and tencel are used at the heart of MASKA’s fabrics. MASKA also takes environmental aspects regarding usage and washing into consideration by favouring materials which are long-lasting and do not require frequent washing. In order to ensure ethical and environmental approach in producing garments and purchasing materials, MASKA keeps direct contact with the spinning mills and weavers. MASKA collections now includes both knitwear and woven garments such as shirts, trousers and coats in coordinated collections for both autumn and spring. All woven garments are produced within the EU following the labour laws of the European Union. All knitwear is also produced in the EU, apart from two style which are produced in Nepal at a Swedish-owned factory. The factory is managed according to fair labour guidelines created by the international non-profit organisation Fair Wear Foundation.